maandag 30 november 2009


Last friday at my work, at the quiltshop, there was an Inspiration morning. The theme was magic numbers. A friend of mine maked a beautiful pillowcase of nice christmas fabrics, making use of the technique with magic numbers.
She was laying out her sewed blocks and we looked toghether what was a nice way of stitching them together. I came up whit the idea of laying them in a way so they become smooth lines.

My friend Toos was verry happy with this idea an another course member Ineke noticed that a table runner was also a nice design when you put three pillowcases toghether.

I immediatly was very excited about this idea, and the same evening I designed the table runner and figured out how much fabric I will need for the table runner and two pillowcases.The next day, when I was at work again, I bought the fabric.
Above you can see my choise of the fabrics and the first results.

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