vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Welcome quilt

At the store The Quilterij, we are working on a little quilt that's called "Welcome quilt". It is a little quilt that comes by the mysterie of this year "Fabric wonderland".
The blocs are patched and appliqued and stitched. We need to make 4 blocks and one bigger central block.
When it is completed I will show you a picture again.
I love to do the stichery and applique. For me it is so relaxing.

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Cute little Japanese camera bag.

At the European Quilt Championship at the beginning of May this year, I bought a nice little package of a little Japanese bag. My photo camera just fit in. I sure love the little Sun Bonnet Sue on the front of the bag.

And don't you love the little cat on the back side.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

For the change a Mandala this time

I am not only quilting these last view weeks. I am also preparing the lessons for my next mandala course that I'm giving next fall. This is my version of a Holy Grail card from the beautiful art work that Janosh makes. See at his site
I figure out how the drawing is made, and this is the result.

Rozetten quilt top

This is the result off the work in progress from several weeks ago. The top is now finished and need some backing before it's ready to quilt. I'm going to quilt it by machine.
This is not my favorite thing to do, but good to practice this skill.