vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Welcome quilt

At the store The Quilterij, we are working on a little quilt that's called "Welcome quilt". It is a little quilt that comes by the mysterie of this year "Fabric wonderland".
The blocs are patched and appliqued and stitched. We need to make 4 blocks and one bigger central block.
When it is completed I will show you a picture again.
I love to do the stichery and applique. For me it is so relaxing.

1 opmerking:

  1. Nice and colourful! Mine is more subdued in colour choice. Thanks to the challenge, mine is almost finished. Unfortunately the calming effect of the stitchery is lost on me. That must be because I am trying to finish all the blocks in a week.......
    Yours looks beautiful. I'll show mine (if I make it) at the challenge.